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Penis Bone - Mink


Mink Baculum (penis bone)

All cultures revere sexual organs and it is universal to connect the baculum with enhanced powers and abilities. The baculum (penis bone) is a bone found in the penis of most mammals. It is absent in humans, but present in other primates, such as the closely-related chimpanzee. The bone aids in sexual intercourse. Baculum can be displayed as is, or shown off in jewelry and art. Interesting and collectable, Paxton Gate is proud to bring you this varied selection of mammalian baculum. Cleaned and preserved for years of enjoyment. The adult male mink’s penis is 5.6 cm long, and is covered by a sheath. The baculum of the mink is well developed, being triangular in cross section and curved at the tip. Perfect for altar use or jewelry design.
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